Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Best Friends

Big Luke, Lil' Luke (who isn't so little anymore) and Noah boy.
The "Luke's" have been best friends since they were babies. This is when I realized that working from home while taking care of Luke wasn't easy and I needed someone to help watch him for part of the day.
I seriously praise God for my neighbor introducing me to Christy! She lives one neighborhood over and has always been there for us...whether that be watching the kids or driving us to the hospital....she loves my boys like they are her family...and we love her that way too!
We even have the same taste in clothing... as you can see from the pictures we LOVE Carter's!! The boys actually have several of the same outfits, so when they wore the same thing today we couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a few pics! Best lookin' boys in Texas if I do say so myself!!!

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