Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Fruit of our Labor

We're growing tomatoes!! I would not have believed it if I wasn't staring at them right now. I have a terrible black thumb! This 100+ Texas heat doesn't help me either. Despite this, I love the idea of fresh veggies, so we bought an Earth Box and topsey turvey plant hanger. These claim to be fool proof on the commercials and they must be right because boy do we ever have tomatoes!!! Luke must have eaten about 10 a day for the past week. It's impressive, if I do say so myself!
We also have a cucumber plant growing with lots of baby cucumbers on it. Our original plant was pulled out by a rabbit, so this is our second plant and it got a late start. I'm not sure if we'll actually have cucumbers to eat this year, but it sure has been fun watching them grow!!
The best part is watching how excited Luke gets everyday when he goes outside to pick his tomatoes. He can hardly wait to see how many are ready each day!!

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