Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Luke's Big Day at the Dentist

Oh, my poor sweet honey bunny had a BIG day at the dentist! Eight root canals and silver crown. He was under complete anesthesia and the whole mouth was done at once.

I was super-nervous about him being placed under anesthesia, but after one failed attempt at the regular dentist using laughing gas, I knew we had to see the pediatric specialist and have it done all at once.

Luke did amazingly well...and he was so funny when he was waking up. It was probably a 1/2 hour after we got home when we were watching Cat in the Hat that Luke said, "Mom! This show isn't right. There are two Cat in the Hats and two Thing #2's!" It wasn't until he looked over at Leo and asked why he had four eyes that I realized he was seeing double and having blurry vision! (One of the side effects of the anesthesia.)

About a 1/2 hour later he told me that his mouth was waking up and that he could see again. True to my big boy, he soon started asking for food. Two bowls of pumpkin-spice pudding, three bowls of apple sauce and two bowls of jello later and he was still hungry! I guess that is what happens when you don't feed a growing five-year old anything since mid-night the night before! So, I made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle and vegetable soup.

I'm so grateful this experience is over and hope that the crowns hold until his adult teeth come in, sometime around 10-12 years old. Until then, we'll be chipping away at $4K dental bill!

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