Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celebrating Lil' Luke's Birthday

On Saturday's Lil' Luke (who is officially as tall as my "big" Luke) comes over to play. This particular Saturday it was Lil' Luke's birthday.

About an hour before he was scheduled to arrive, my boys started getting really excited. They asked if we were having a party for him...and I thought, why not! So, we got out our Happy Birthday banners and signs and dressed up in our best party hats and glasses.

When Lil' Luke came to the door, I was ready when video camera in hand as the boys shouted, "Happy Birthday!" Lil' Luke was SO surprised...he actually got a little embarrassed and shy.

Later I found out that our neighbors two doors down could hear us shouting and celebrating over their baby monitor!

As usual, the boys had a great day playing, drumming, and jumping on the trampoline. The next day we went to his actual party at a bowling alley, which was a huge hit too.

It's so nice having friends who are like your family! These boys have known each other since they were born and are sure to be best buddies for life!!

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