Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pick a Pet from Granny & Gramps

Today the boys came home to find 3 new pets from Granny  & Gramps! There was a doggie, a bear and a horse. Noah was home from school first and, of course, he chose the doggie! Luke came home next and he chose the bear. Cruzie got the horse.

Noah was so funny, hugging & kissing his new doggie. He wants a real dog so badly and loves dogs of all kinds! When Luke got home, they put their new pets on their shoulders & gave them "rides" around the house like Leo does with the boys.

So sweet to get an early Christmas present! Makes the holidays last a little longer.

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  1. That’s so sweet of granny and gramps. The boys look delighted with their new pets. What about this year? What did they get for presents? I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Regards to you and your family. And take care of granny and gramps. =) Carl Brighton @ Comfort Keepers