Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Final Gift from Gumdrop - Reindeer Food

Today we received one final gift from Gumdrop - Sparkly Oats reindeer food! There were special instructions attached. The boys had great fun with this final Christmas activity! They took great care spreading it around the sidewalk & driveway and were very curious the next morning to see how much had been eaten. Good thing the storms rolled in a blew it away, making a very believable morsel scattered here & there.

One more bit of fun before Christmas Day,
Deep down, you boys are sweet & I’ve enjoyed my stay.
Tomorrow I’ll go back, to the North Pole,
More than not you’ve been good and have avoided coal.
Today’s activity involves Santa’s reindeer,
They get hungry too, as their trip draws near.
Sprinkle this magic food all around your driveway,
It will be such a treat instead of their normal hay. 

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