Sunday, December 2, 2012

Candy Cane Garden

Yesterday the boys woke up to find Gumdrop with a 2-day activity for them. He was sitting in a Christmas dish along with a bag of North Pole Dirt (oatmeal), candy cane seeds (peppermint disks),  and magic Christmas fertilizer (red, green, white sprinkles).

The boys instructions were to plant the seeds deep the dirt, fertilize, then be kind, generous & loving. If they did all these things, in the morning they would awake to a special surprise.

All day long we reminded the boys about the instructions & checked the "garden" to see if anything had sprouted.  Although we didn't see anything during the day, when we woke up this morning, three big M&M filled candy canes had grown!

The boys were in amazement and completely delighted!

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