Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Crafts - Glitter Ornaments

Today the boys & I decided to make glitter ornaments. They were originally going to be Christmas ornaments and, indeed, we will hang them on the tree next year. But for now, we decided to write 2012 on them and hang them on the mantel where our stockings once hung to help ring in the New Year next week.

They were super-easy & fun to make.  Using clear glass ornaments, we popped the tops off and poured some Pledge Floor Cleaner inside. Next, we sprinkled in a bunch of glitter and rolled it around until the inside was coated well.  After pouring out the excess glitter, we used glitter glue to write 2012 on the outside. We popped the tops back on and used red yarn to hang them.

A fun activity for a cold, melted-snow, muddy day!

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