Thursday, April 14, 2011

Luke Loses His 1st Tooth!

THIS has been a long time coming!! Ever since school started and Luke's friends began losing their teeth, Luke has been wiggling his - just hoping one would come lose. Finally, about 3 weeks ago one did!

Every day, Luke has been ever-so-gently wiggling his tooth. He kept asking when it would fall out and I told him he had to wiggle it harder! "But it hurts!", he objected! " does hurt a bit, but if you want your tooth to fall out you've got to wiggle it."

This past weekend Luke was fed up with waiting and wanted his dad to "punch out" his tooth. Problem was, his dad couldn't bring himself to do it. So, mommy to the rescue! I got a wet wash cloth and tried to pull it straight up, but it wouldn't work. It was REALLY lose though, so I changed my tactic and pulled it forward instead. Two tugs and it was out! And, waiting right behind it was a new shiny white tooth!

Luke was SO excited. He couldn't believe all the blood on the wash cloth! That was soon forgotten about though when we picked out the perfect little Tupperware box to put it in for safe keeping until the tooth fairy could come that night.

The next morning Luke was SO funny! He came out of his room, leaned back and did several fist pumps in the air. It took me a minute to figure out what he was so happy about, but then he held up two $1 bills!

Now Luke has $$ in his eyes and is busy wiggling his other teeth! We'll see how long it takes to lose his next one!

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