Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun with Friends!

When the boys have friends over to play, there are always photo opportunities. One of their favorite things to do is jump and wrestle on the trampoline.

Recently, our friend Donovin came from San Angelo for a visit. The boys were so funny running away from Noah who was pretending to be the "bad guy!" He had on his Incredible Hulk mask and was chasing Luke and Donnie around.

Not too long after that Lil' Luke was over here. The trampoline was, once again, the focal point of the fun, but this time the boys were all dressed in costumes.

I had to laugh at Luke when he chose his army man costume from when he was **3**! I told him it didn't fit, but he insisted it did! So, we stuffed him in it. He literally looked like a stuffed sausage crammed inside that thing. Making it even funnier was that the pants were high-waters on him, the ridiculous belt he put on with it and his flipped up collar. Oh my gosh, I can still look at that picture and laugh!

Life with 3 boys is always busy, loud and extremely laughable! I never know what's coming at me next...and the camera is never too far away!! Who would have ever thought we would be so blessed!

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