Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inside Luke's Imagination

Every day when Luke gets home from school, he asks if we can do "activities" together. He absolutely loves doing arts and crafts type project and has the best imagination. Although it's exhausting at times, I try my best to foster his imagination and provide him with a creative outlet.

Today he made play dough at school and brought it home. He wanted to use his play dough, light-saber and a piece of construction paper to make a pirate's flag. Makes sense, right? At times I actually feel like I'm in an episode of MacGyver!!

After making his flag, he decided he wanted to be a paperboy. So, he got some construction paper, wrote the "news" on it, rolled it up and put it in his basket for delivery. I was actually glad it was raining, otherwise I'm certain we would have had to go walk the block while Luke tossed the papers in our neighbor's yard.

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