Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Crafts

After the first day of sleeping in on Thanksgiving break, the boredom set in. I must have heard, "Mom.....I'm BORED!" about a thousand times. So, when I was at the craft store buying yarn and saw Thanksgiving crafts 40% off, I didn't hesitate to pick some up! 

We made turkeys, foxes & owl puppets with glitter peel & stick pieces. 

And, after chasing the boys away from my "nice" bead collection, I decided to get them their own set of beads. Yes, boys like to string beads too! 


We also continued our annual tradition of Thankful Hands. 

Each boy traced their hands on colored construction paper and wrote what they were thankful for. 

 When I take these hand prints down, I file them away in my box of special things as keepsakes. I love looking back at how much their hands  have grown & what their little hearts were thankful for that year. 

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