Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gumdrop Returns 2013!

We had begun to wonder whether gumdrop would return this year or not. Last year he appeared the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, he took just a bit longer to make his annual grand entrance. 

With a clever poem, he reminded the boys of the rules: 
#1 - He can't talk to them with his voice
#2 - They can't touch him or he will lose his magical abilities to fly back to the North Pole each night.

This year, Gumdrop wants the boys to focus on serving others & being generous. 
To help them get started, he left an empty box they are to fill with their old toys to donate to boys & girls who are less fortunate. 

The boys were so happy to see Gumdrop! All three belted out Santa Claus is coming to TOWN!!! 

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