Monday, October 15, 2012

Noah's 1st Day of Pre-K

Holy Cow, my Sweet Angel is in Pre-K!! When did he grow up? Watching him with his backpack and lunch  box just about breaks my heart, but fills it with pride all at the same time.

Just as with his big brother, we filled out his "All about Me" questionnaire and traced his hand on construction paper. Fitting with his sweet personality, his favorite person was, "Everyone."  Noah is so loving and kind, I'm not surprised at all by his answer.  He is definitely all boy and it didn't surprise me that his favorite thing about school is the play ground and he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

I snapped a few extra pictures on the bench where his big brother Luke sat his first day of pre-K. By this time Noah was over taking pics and we were officially running late for his first day of school.

I  just can't help but be sappy & sentimental. These boys have my heart on a string. One little tug and big puddle of melted love. This little boy has a special place in my heart, for sure.

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