Monday, October 15, 2012

Luke's Baptism

What an amazing day. I have so many emotions, it's hard to get them all straight to write this post. Watching my first baby boy be baptized today was the culmination of years of hope, dream & prayer come true.

Pride, gratefulness, excitement, relief so many feelings inside just bursting to get out. Listening to the pastor ask Luke who he was trusting his life to...and hearing Luke answer, "God, Jesus," was enough to make this mama's heart burst with love & thanksgiving!

The Pastor went on tell Luke that he was now the salt of the Earth & light of the world...and that, as God's ambassador, it was his responsibility to let his light shine to all those he meets. He then reclined Luke under the water, symbolizing our burial with Christ and being raised in newness of life. Luke took the candle and walked out of the baptism tank and new creation in Christ.

Luke later looked at me and said, "Mommy, I am now your brother...and Daddy is my brother too! We are are all brothers and sisters in the church." amazing how God can reach such a young, tender heart and call it to Him.

This is a day I will surely never forget!

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