Thursday, May 20, 2010

Luke's Preschool Graduation

Tuesday evening Luke graduated from The Learning Academy Preschool at Wylie's United Methodist Church.

I was feeling so many different emotions that night...I was bursting with pride and brimming with tears all at the same time. It just doesn't seem possible that my sweet baby boy is old enough to be going to kindergarten.

Where has the past five years gone? I remember like it was yesterday the very first time he was placed in my arms. Fast forward two years and I remember the very first day he walked in to Ms. Beth's 2 year-old class at LAP. Now, here we are graduating preschool and looking forward to kindergarten.

I was thankful to be filming the music program and graduation ceremony this night. It gave me something to focus on so that I couldn't totally get caught up in the emotions on the moment. Luke has always loved being on stage and performing. From the time he was two years old and stealing the show as the only 2 year old bold enough to sing all the words and remember all the hand this night when I could hear him belting out the tunes louder than all the other kids. I treasure every performance and am very sad to think this will be the last music program we attend for him.

When it finally came time for all the graduates to walk across the stage, Luke proudly accepted the scroll and posed for a picture with his teachers. I'm so proud of my first baby boy! I pray that next year he gets a teacher who is as loving and involved as his teachers at LAP have been.

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