Thursday, February 6, 2014

365 - First Snow of 2014

We had begun to wonder if it would snow this year! Other than IceMagedon back in December, we haven't seen a flurry! 

The forecasters let us know what we were in for today...a light dusting of snow. 
I have to admit the boys were disappointed when they woke up and not a flake had dropped from the sky.

No school cancellations...No snow day...out the door they went.
But then...

Around 9:00 something magical started to happen - SNOW - and not just a actual half-to-three-quarters of an inch. 
Enough that, by the time they got home, they were ready to play! 
Luke swept the snow off everyone's sidewalks so they would have enough to build a snowman.

Don't let this picture fool you...look closely at the frozen tree branch Noah is holding. 
As soon as I snapped this pic, he whacked the heck out of the back of Luke's knees. 

Luke was not nearly as eager to stand so close to his brother in this last pic I was able to snap! 


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