Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Legos & Little Boys

I've heard it said, "There are three levels of pain...mild pain, severe pain and stepping on a Lego pain!" Unfortunately, I can say from personal experience that I agree. 

Legos are a beloved toy in our house. If fact, I would say they are Noah's toy of choice right now. Everyday, when he gets home from school, we pop a monster-size bowl of popcorn, turn on a movie and get the Legos out to play. We must have about five thousand pieces, kept in a clear box with a latch-top lid, on top of the TV cabinet in our room. Each afternoon, we lay a big beach towel down and carefully dump out the box. (Clean-up is much easier if we keep them on the towel.) 

Today though we weren't successful in our clean-up efforts before Cruzie woke up. By the time I realized our blunder, Legos covered every inch of carpet in my room. I have to admit, it captured the stereo-typical image of a "house of boys" and is the quintessential illustration of our lives at this moment in time!   

One day I will look back and miss the arduous task of picking up copious amounts of these tiny toys. Right now though I'm wishing there was an enchanted Lego elf that would magically clean up this mess.  

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