Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Noah!!

Oh! This day brings me so much joy! Today I remember & celebrate the miracle that is Nathaniel Noah Padron.  I am so thankful God was with us each step of the way through his difficult labor, emergency birth, pyloric surgery, anesthesia crashes, plagiocephally and every other day of his life. There is no explanation for how amazing, athletic, smart, precocious, fun-loving, tender-hearted and just plain wonderful this boy is....except for God.

We started the day by decorating the mantel, taking birthday pictures, decorating his birthday chair at the table. He chose his birthday breakfast of pancakes and then headed to Christy's. There he helped her make brownie cupcakes and all his neighborhood friends that live next to her came to celebrate. When Noah came home it was SO hard for him to wait for daddy to get home so we could open presents and eat his birthday dinner - cheese pizza!

Noah received legos, dinosaurs, hot wheels, Car's Operation game, books and more. He had chocolate cupcakes for dessert with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

It was a great day - it's been a blessed 4 years. This little boy has changed my life and brought me so much love. I will never tire of hearing him say, "Mommy, you so beautiful!"  or, "Do you know who I weely, weely, weely love?  YOU MOM!" 

Oh, how I love my Sweet Angel!

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