Friday, August 10, 2012

Dreamlights Sleep Tight

The other day the boys came running in my room singing a song that I had never heard before. "Dreamlights, sleep tight, good night love."  They proceeded to tell me all about these pillow pets that were night lights.  They shone starts, moons & animals on the ceiling in rotating colors. Noah convincingly promised me these would help him stay in bed and not be scared to go to sleep by himself. As luck would have it Granny & Gramps ordered all 3 boys one. Luke got a penguin, Noah chose the doggie and Cruzie has a giraffe. Each night all boys must have their dreamlight with them when the go to bed. Cruz even likes to point at the ceiling and mumble gibber gabber as I rock & sing to him. There's definitely no mistaking - dreamlights are a HIT!

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