Thursday, October 14, 2010

Luke Hits a Grand Slam!

Let me set the scene for you... It's the end of the game. Luke's team, The Atlanta Braves, are down by 4 points. Bases are loaded. Luke steps up to bat. He adjusts his stance, leans back and swings! The ball goes all the way in to the out field. All the little boys on the other team scramble for the ball.

Luke runs to first base, where Leo is coaching. "Run son, run!" Luke heads to second base, where the coach is swinging his arms in big circles telling Luke to keep running. Luke rounds third base where another coach is jumping up and down yelling, "Run home Luke! Run home!" Luke runs to home plate where the umpire is reminding him to, "Touch the plate!"

Luke did it! A grand slam home run to tie the game for his team! I don't know who was more proud...Leo or Luke. When they got home Leo called more people than Luke did and could NOT stop telling me the story over and over! What a day...what a game! Luke was rewarded with game ball!

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