Monday, October 26, 2009

No More Nursie

Well, it's official. Noah is weaned and is no longer nursing. I'm both happy and sad...proud and sentimental. Noah is 15 months, so we certainly had a good run. And, I feel very blessed to have nursed him so long. Still, there is something very sad closing the baby chapter.

We've been only feeding twice a day...morning and night..and mainly because I've continued to really encourage it. For the past two days, when I've woken him up and brought him right into the living room/kitchen area, he's pointed back to his room and whined. That part is hard. In the mornings, I'm always short on time. I would SO much rather nurse him at night, but at night he's not really interested. we are...36 hours and no nursing. {Tear.}

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