Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Parade at LAP

Luke had a GREAT day at school today! He had a Halloween parade in the morning and his class Halloween party at noon!

As a parent, this is one of my favorite days of Luke's school year. The kids are so adorable and proud as they parade up and down the isles in the chapel.

Even though Luke is officially Batman for Halloween, he wanted to wear his Spiderman costume to school. So, that's my Spiderman in the can't see his face, but look close at those big brown eyes!

After the parade, he had a normal day at school until 12:30. That's when the class party started. One highlight was when we made scary monster hands out of a clear food prep glove by putting candy corns in the fingertips and caramel popcorn filling up the glove.

After the party, we headed home sugared-up and bouncing off the walls!! Good thing Ms. Sherry called and invited Luke down to her house for a while! Ha!!

Tonight is Fall Fest at church and Friday is BOO on Ballard. Saturday is, of course, Halloween! Stay tuned for more fun posts!

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  1. Isn't Halloween so much more fun with kids? I love it! And, I just noticed I changed my blog background to the one you already had. Oops...