Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resurrection Sunday 2013

What a special day! We had a great morning at church. The energy was undeniable...the Holy Spirit was definitely in the building! "Then what shall I do with this Jesus who is called the Christ?"  That is the question. Whether we figure out the answer now or on the day we die, we will all have to answer it. Praise the Lord for the day he reached my heart, opened my eyes and saved me. Praise the Lord even more for the day, less than one year ago, that he did the same for Luke. No greater assurance is there for a mother than to know her son has made such a wise decision and secured his place in heaven for all eternity. I pray for the day I can rejoice the same over Noah & Cruz.

When we got home, I gave the boys their Easter "baskets." It's been raining cats & dogs, so we skipped the egg hunt & took a different spin this year. Since the boys are always wanting to dig in my garden, I decided to give them big pots, seeds & shovels so they would have their own special garden to sow & care for, as I worked in our big gardens. They also each received sidewalk chalk, a kite, baseballs & a box of Annie's bunny cookies & fruit chews.

Now it's time to put the ham in the oven & prepare the scalloped potatoes & asparagus for dinner. It's just our little family of 5 this year...I can't think of anything better!

Christ is risen from the dead, 
trampling over death by death, 
come away, come away, 
come and rise up from the grave! 

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