Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Luke - 2012

I'm sure I'll write this every year, but I can not believe my baby has turned another year older! 7 years - how is that possible? Where did the time go?  On one hand it seems like forever; on the other hand it seems like just yesterday.

We had a laid-back day - starting with pictures in front of the decorated  fireplace mantle & Luke's "Chair of Honor" adorned in streamers & balloons.  A donut breakfast followed...Luke's choice, of course. Then we played at Papaw's for a while. When we came home, Luke could not wait one more second to open his birthday presents. He received an authentic Texas Rangers jersey, new shoes, a fedora style hat that he picked out, a jump rope, watch & 2 baseballs!

We ended the day with Luke's birthday dinner - crab legs & shrimp - again, his choice. Delicious, I have to admit!  We had Oreo cake & ice cream. The perfect ending to a happy birthday!

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