Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Today is Sunday, Mother's Day 2012. What a wonderful day! We had brunch at our house with the extended family.  Nana is here visiting, Memaw & Papaw were  here and so were Jeremy, Sarah & Graham.

I spent yesterday planning & preparing an amazing spread of food.  Mini apple tarts, zucchini bread fresh from the garden, sausage rolls & a bacon, egg, cheese casserole.  We had fresh coffee & orange/pineapple juice. 

All the grandson's had fun playing together in the tent we have set up outside & jumping in the trampoline. Luke is almost 7, Noah is almost 4, Cruz is almost 18 months and Graham turns 3 next month. The initial sonogram from Sarah shows 90% boy, so we're having fun dreaming about what a family with 5 boys will be team, boy band - the list goes on. 

I'm weaving my mother's ring, my picture necklace of the boys, my family charm bracelet...and just for today, my grandmother's mother's ring. Past memories, present fun, they are all blessings in my eyes.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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