Thursday, May 10, 2012

1st Harvest of 2012

Gosh, I need to start blogging again! Life with 3 little boys is soooo crazy busy. I really can't begin to even describe just how full, exhausting & joyful it is. I know I'm going to look back and wish I had written things down, saved more pictures, documented the funny & gross things that happen everyday. So, I'm starting with today. I may go back and backdate a few posts. But today, Thursday, May 10th, this is what's going on... Nana is here visiting. Noah stayed home to have some special time with her and this morning we picked our first harvest of 2012 from the garden. I was delighted to pick two nice zucchini, 3 squash, 2 different varieties of cucumbers & a handful of greenbeans. Looks like we'll be having some fresh veggies with dinner. Now, if our 5 tomato plants would set some fruit! What fun we have in the garden - from planting little seeds to nurturing baby plants to tasting the fruits of our labor - the garden has been a great family activity! So glad we gave it a try!

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