Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lunch Date with My Honey Bunny

Today Luke and I had some special one-on-one time. We had to run some errands, but decided to make it a Mommy/son date day by stopping at Olive Garden for lunch. We talked a lot about school. Luke's favorite subjects in 1st grade are math, reading, art, computer lab..."really all of them," he said. When I asked his least favorite, he didn't have one! He has 5 best friends, but his real BFF's are Maeson & Traviss. I took the dining opportunity to teach Luke about being a gentleman, using good manners, how to place his napkin in his lap & how to order our meals. He was so sweet & happy. He said he felt very special! My mission was accomplished! Not much more I can ask for. Next week, it's Noah's turn. I'm excited to see where he wants to go on his special day. <3<3<3 my boys!

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