Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cruz Discovers His Fingers

Cruz has found his fingers...and he's actually starting to prefer them over his paci!! Despite my best efforts to keep a paci in his mouth, he spits it out and pops his two middle fingers right in. If I'm not mistaken those are the two fingers I used to suck as a baby too.

My experience with Luke still sucking his thumb at almost age 6 has brought me to the conclusion that it's much easier to get rid of a paci vs a thumb! And, I've been determined to keep a paci in Cruz's mouth in hopes that one day the paci fairy could come magically take it away. (Much like with Noah.) Cruz has the strongest sucking reflex of any of my boys though so I'm not sure there's much I can do about this.

It's funny remembering back to the delivering room, but it was the doctor that commented on Cruz coming out of my womb sucking his fist! I guess there are somethings you just have to accept - his newly discovered fingers are more than likely one of those things!

In the end, it's really of no consequence to me. And, he sure is cute sucking them!!

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