Friday, February 25, 2011

Luke's Valentine's Day Box Project

We have had so many snow days in 2011 that I HAD to find something for Luke to do during the most recent day at home. We were just about ready to start pulling out hair out when I remembered that we needed to make Luke's Valentine's day box that we'd picked out from Hobby Lobby over the weekend.

So, with hopes it would last all morning, I carefully laid out all of Luke's arts and crafts. We had a box, glitter glue, stickers, and more! He really did have fun making his box....and I have to admit that I had fun helping!

The only unfortunate part of the project was that it didn't last longer. We were soon done, bored again, and looking for something else to do! I've come to the realization that little boys are a lot like wild dogs...they need lots of space to run and play -- something inclement weather days don't allow much of!!

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