Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LAP Art of Praise Concert

Last night Luke performed in the Learning Academy Preschool's "Art of Praise" music program. We have come to treasure these "performances" over the years. The kids are just so proud and precious as the line up on the big stage to sing praises to God.

This program was all praise songs. Two new songs I had never heard, but they finished strong with the classic, "Deep and Wide...deep and wide...there's a fountain flowing deep and wide...Wide and deep..."

After the songs, Ms. Lezlie told the kids the bible story about when the little children came to Jesus and the disciples try to send them away...Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."

The evening concluded with a tour of all the children's art work which lined the halls and walk ways. Luke had marble art and ocean art displayed. Despite my attempts Luke didn't want to take any more pictures at the end of the night. Since I video taped the entire performance, I didn't push.

We have one more music program in Luke's preschool career. It's incredibly bittersweet to see my first baby boy growing up so fast.

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