Friday, February 19, 2010

Canada Courtesy of Granny & Gramps!

Everyday when I check the mail Luke asks if there is anything for him. Most days I hand him an advertisement or magazine that I don't want - it really doesn't matter what - he's just thrilled to get something!

Every once a while, on a special day, something in the mail will actually be for Luke. Today was one of those days!

There it was...a big, white, priority mail envelope with the letter L-U-K-E on it. Luke knew immediately it was for him!

He tore open the envelope and inside was a shirt from Granny and Gramps' trip to Canada. We immediately put on the shirt with the "big red leaf" on it.

We also got to see a map of North America showing where Canada is located and a post card with some beautiful pictures of the mountains and countryside. They are both stuck on our fridge with the Canada magnet that came along with them.

Thanks Granny and Gramps!

Going to the mailbox tomorrow is going to be such a let down! I'm going to have to manage some expectations ahead of time. ;)

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