Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unlikely Hiding Places

I recently brought the boys art easel inside so they could play with it in the toy room during these cold winter just seems like there isn't enough to do when they can't go outside.

I love this art easel because one side is a dry erase board that is magnetic and the other side is a chalk board. Both sides have a clip to hang paper from, so both boys can create masterpieces at the same time.

The other day though, I came in the toy room and could hear Noah giggling, but I couldn't see him. I quickly realized my little monkey had climbed up between the easel and was hiding in the middle!

Not to be outdone, Luke had to try it too...of course, he is not as small as Noah (to put it nicely), so only the front half of his body made it through! Too funny!

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