Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine's Day started off great with a little advanced preparation.  I woke up early to make the boys a special Valentine's themed breakfast. I made heart-shaped bacon, cooked in the oven and heart-shaped caramel cinnamon rolls. 

On the table were big, red heart doilies with my favorite qualities about each boy written on them. Luke is strong, bold and courageous; he's a good big brother and peacemaker; he's helpful to mommy; a great baseball and basketball player. Noah is kind, loving & sweet; he's a thoughtful & generous friend; a master logo builder; and is a good big & little brother.  Cruzie is my sweet chunky pumpkin and the best bonus baby a momma could ever ask for! 

Each boy received a new package of markers with a picture that said, "You 'color' my world Valentine."  They even were allowed to eat a few conversation hearts from the centerpiece of the table - a cup filled with candy & 3 glitter hearts. 

The fun  has only started. I am baking sugar cookies with Dove heart-shaped milk chocolates in the center. For dinner we are eating heart shaped pizza & s'mores dessert pizza. 

Celebrating holidays with the boys is so fun. Seeing their little faces when they walk out sleepy-eyed in the morning to a festive decorated kitchen is priceless! 

My loves - Luke, Noah, Cruz

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