Thursday, June 14, 2012

Luke Becomes A Christian

Luke doesn't look very happy in this picture because he came home sick from VBS today. But, he also came home completely reborn! Yes, that's right! All by himself, Luke asked to speak to the pastor because he wanted to get baptized. The Pastor talked with him & they prayed for Jesus to come in to Luke's heart.  This is literally the best day of my life so far. Don't mistake, there are many other wonderful days, like the day each of my boys were born.  But, there will never be a more important day in my life than the day each of my boys accept Christ as their Savior. I have literally prayed for this day, every day, since they were born. There is truly nothing more important to me. I can't stop praising God and I can't stop crying. I'm so proud, relieved, excited, over-joyed, grateful, humbled, amazed - the list goes on. Praise be to God for this day!! I know it's been written in the heavens since the beginning of time, but it's never been more real for me!

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