Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LAP Music Program

Last night we went to Luke's music program at the Learning Academy Preschool. What a fun show! It's so funny watching the little kids singing and dancing...well, some of them! We just sat there cracking up at the kids who really got "in" to their performances...and at the ones who just stood there like statues with stage freight. It really didn't matter what they were doing, they were just so stinkin' cute!

Luke was actually more subdued last night than in previous performances, although he did sing every word and do every motion. I think this was the first year he actually had some shy moments. My Luke, shy? Crazy, I know!!

What made the night even more special was that Memaw & Papaw and Don & Sherry were there too.

We went to Chili's to celebrate afterward. Luke had already eaten dinner at home, so he got the molten chocolate cake with ice cream. Man, that thing was big...and good!!! He ate almost the entire thing!

By the time we got home both boys were pretty tired. We gave them quick tubbies and then hopped in bed. Luke was asleep before I could turn off my computer and the TV.

Such a sweet boy watching him sleep. Seems like just yesterday he was in the youngest class on the stage...last night he was in the oldest class. Next year, he'll be in kindergarten. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time and keep the boys right here the way they are. It's so bittersweet watching them grow!!!

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